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Your Visit

Bringing your pet to the surgery

On Arrival

Please always bring your cat to the surgery in a basket. Cats will often feel more secure in a basket and may try to escape if not confined.

Please keep your dog on a lead at all times as they can be unpredictable in unfamiliar environments. Where possible, please encourage your dog to pass urine and faeces before coming to the surgery. If your dog does accidently pass urine or faeces in the waiting room or the carpark, please inform reception so they can arrange for this to be removed. If your pet has special needs, such as anxiety on attending the vets, please let us know at the time of making the appointment and we will try to see you during a quieter time of day.

Pre-Op Guidelines

Operations are carried out routinely at our surgery, Monday to Friday.

We request that all cats and dogs due to have an operation have their last meal no later than 6pm the night before the operation, with water available until first thing in the morning.

Our nurses will admit your pet between 8am and 9am, where dogs will be weighed and if appropriate, given a pre-med. As we understand that you will be concerned, we ask you to telephone us at around 2pm and we'll be able to give you a progress report.

Generally, unless we feel it is necessary to monitor them overnight, animals are able to go home on the same day.


We are available to deal with emergencies at any time of the day. Emergency treatment is most effectively administered at the surgery and if you are concerned about moving an injured animal, please phone us for advice. In most cases, casualties can be moved safely with a minimum of fuss and often time is of the essence. So that we are ready to deal with the problem, please phone to let us know that you're on your way. After hours our emergency work is covered by the specialist service of Vets Now. Please telephone our surgery number and follow the instructions on the recorded message.

Consultations out of hours will incur additional charges.